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Abrisol Cover Solutions.
We are specialists in the manufacture and design of pool and spa enclosures. As a manufacturer for more than 25 years, we are committed to developing quality shelters that meet all your expectations.
Abrisol allows you to enjoy your pool even during the colder months. Thanks to the greenhouse effect, you can naturally increase the temperature of the water.

Mark : Abrisol Covers Solutions
Abrisol designs, manufactures and assembles almost all of its shelters without intermediaries.
Aluminium profiles and technology Shelter are patented and reflect their more than 25 years of experience in the field of pool enclosures around the world.
Shelter has its own R&D department that works with state-of-the-art technology, regularly improving the shelters in order to maintain an unrivalled level of quality.
Engineers, technicians, fitters, sales and customer service personnel work hand in hand to make your dream come true.
Shelter has the most complete catalogue on the market. Aesthetics and functionality are essential features for us.
The wide variety of models Shelter offers a modern and functional design to meet your needs.

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