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Grizzly Grills.
The best choice for BBQ lovers.
The Grizzly Grills Kamado offers you the pure taste of a charcoal fire.
Thanks to the integrated chip dispenser, you can easily add wood chips for even more smoky flavours. Made of high-quality ceramic with a 20-year warranty.

Grizzly Grills.
Outdoor cooking is a daily adventure.
Grizzly Grills brings the great outdoors to your backyard, campsite, or family catch-up.
With its aroma of charcoal, it invites you to explore: grilling, smoking, roasting or baking.
Enjoy authentic aromas and pure food. C
Barbecues are made from renewable resources, such as cordierite ceramic (with a 20-year warranty), cast iron and solid bamboo.

We invite you... to explore, even nearby, with the family.
To imagine the freedom of a forest – even in your garden. To loop for adventures – even the smallest ones.
Welcome to the world of Grills de Grizzly.

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