Zodiac Azteck Oval Semi-Buried Pool 400 x 560

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Zodiac Azteck Oval Semi-buried Pool 400 x 560.
Azteck Zodiac Oval Semi-buried Pool 400 x 560cm height:140cm .
Water volume: 21.51 m3
Swimming surface: 3.70 x 5.30.

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Zodiac Azteck Oval Semi-buried Pool 400 x 560.
Azteck Zodiac Oval Semi-buried Pool 400 x 560cm height:140cm

The Zodiac AZTECK Oval Semi-Buried Pool Dimensions 4.00 x 5.60m includes structure and assembly accessories, composite wood margins with stainless steel junctions. The Zodiac AZTECK above-ground pool comes with the liner, the Wetico cartridge filtration system, its plumbing, the stainless scale, the skimmer and the push-back nozzle. Structure in reinforced panels.
The Zodiac AZTECK oval above-ground pool has all the advantages of a non-stressed swim. Equipped with a cartridge filtration kit and skimmers, your pool will always stay clean. The wooden siding retains its appearance over time. Aesthetic and not slippery, it resists UV and abrasion.
Design and modern, Zodiac AZTECK pools fit perfectly into your outdoor layout for unconstrained swimming. The oval shape offers a harmonious and aesthetic touch.

The structure of the Zodiac AZTECK pools is made up of very solid panels. They bolt to their legs by force. The oval shape remains timeless. Robust, Zodiac AZTECK pools meet the requirements of the French "kit pools" standard guaranteeing quality.
The complete kit of Zodiac AZTECK oval semi-buried pools includes: structure and assembly accessories, composite wood margins with stainless steel junctions, felt with liner, complete filtration system and plumbing, stainless scale, skimmer and nozzle, floor mat.

The installation of Zodiac AZTECK semi-buried pools oval is simple. Before installation, it is necessary to provide a 17cm concrete slab. It consists of panels that fit easily to the legs by force. The Zodiac Azteck pool is styling on this slab with special ankles (provided).

French number 1 in composite pools, the concept is defined by composite wood. This is a mixture of wood (65% wood flour) and polymer (35% polymer). These two combined materials have combined the rigidity and aesthetic qualities of the wood with the durability and ease of maintenance of the polymer.
The wood part is composed of spruce shavings, reduced in the form of flour to form a homogeneous mixture with the polymer. This one was specially selected because of its excellent UV hold and its good resistance over time. The composite wood is soft to the touch.
Composite wood is resistant to humidity and bad weather. It's imputrescible. It is not afraid of chlorine, and is resistant to mould, fungi and xylophageal insects and other bacteria. Offering high resistance to deformations and shocks, it does not crack, which avoids spling. Its resistance to abrasion and punching is comparable to oak for increased longevity.

It contains no treatment or toxic product and does not require any treatment agents such as a fungicide or insecticide. No need for lasure or application of oil every year. With easy maintenance, no specific treatment product is to be expected.  

Environmentally friendly, Zodiac AZTECK pools european sawmill products as a raw material. So no trees are felled. In addition, the production system allows no industrial waste to be generated. All residues are reused in production.   
The colour of the sidings, studs and margins does not change over the years. It skates slightly without greying or blackening over time. No knots, no imperfections break the aesthetic qualities. 

La filtration Weltico is a concept that removes any piping between the skimmer and the filter. It fits perfectly into the technical room (skimmer dress). It consists of a wide skimmer and a high-performance cartridge filter.

Pool features:
Brown, Grey, Teck on Demand Composite Margelles
Margelle fixing with stainless steel cache (patent filed)
Floor mat
Stainless interior scale
Composite scale for access to the basin (safety scale for above-ground ponds).
Magnelis panels with screw kit
Composite siding for dressing
Liner uni 75/100th of your choice: blue, white, sand, grey or blue France
WELTICO filtration kit: wide skimmer and a cartridge filter
Refoulement nozzle
Hydraulic connection
Dimensions: 4.00 x 5.60m
Ground hold out of all: 4.04 x 5.65m
Capacity: 21.51m3
Water dimensions: 3.70 x 5.30m
Filtering: 6m3/h
Editing time: 6 hours /3 people
Water recycling time: 3.6 hours
Editing notice
Guarantee: 10 years on the structure and 2 years on accessories.
Delivery in 4 to 6 weeks.

Possibilities and choice of your Aztek Zodiac pool when ordering.
Choice of the color of the liner:   
- UNI standard liner (no charge):
SABLE, BLANC, BLEU France, GRIS clair, BLEU Clair
- With frieze (with supplement): GREEN EMERAUDE, CHOCOLAT, BLEUE.

Choosing the design of your pool:
- Choice of the color Margelle
"Brun Colorado" (clear)
"Exotic Brown" (dark)
"Grey Anthracite" (dark)

Choice of color Parement:
"Brun Teck" (clear)
"Exotic Brown" (dark)
"Grey anthracite" (dark)
"Grey Iroise" (clear)

Tips for installation:
Before installation, it is necessary to pour a 17 cm concrete slab (except for the round shape for which it is necessary to provide a write-off).
The Zodiac AZTECK pool is styling on this slab with special ankles (provided).
The Zodiac Azteck range includes 3 swimming pools of less than 10m2 that do not require prior declaration of work: 2.44 m x 4.95 m; 3.05m x 3.65m; 3.05m x 3.05m.

The Zodiac Azteck pool is made of composite wood that retains its appearance over time, remains very stable and does not require maintenance. Its raw material is made up of recycled products from sawmills in Europe, thus contributing to the protection of the environment.
The structure of the Zodiac pools Azteck (to be placed on a concrete slab of at least 17cm, without reservations!) consists of stainless Alu-Zinc alloy panels, these are assembled very simply thanks to poles of the same alloy by stainless bolting. The great solidity of this pool allows you to consider long years of fun. The composite wood cladding is installed afterwards and gives the beautiful exterior appearance
The company Zodiac specializes in the manufacture and design of private pool equipment, above-ground pool, buried pool, collective pool and public pool.

Check out our full range of swimming pool Zodiac for your garden: Zodiac Azteck buried pool, semi-buried Zodiac Azteck, Zodiac Azteck above-ground pool.

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